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Naila Parvez

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Naila Parvez understands small business and will get to know yours inside and out.


Naila is an Associate at AllRise and in a small firm like ours, she covers a lot of ground. She assists attorneys in corporate governance, due diligence, operating agreements, drafting ancillary deal documents, and more. She partners with our lawyers and clients on both the buy and sell side, adding her expertise to just about anywhere help is needed.


Naila loves diving into every company she works with, learning their ins and outs, their customers and vendors, and how they function. She gets to know each business backwards and forwards, so she can help them successfully close their deals.


She grew up in a small family with a small business, so she’s not just familiar with the challenges, she can apply a lifetime of experience.


Working at All Rise enables Naila to continue her law career and also be there for her daughters and family. Every day she learns more about each.

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